We’re Taking a Trip Around the World

IMG_1849Awhile ago we made a list of big adventures we wanted to have in the next five years. We decided we’d think about our ideas and choose one or two to pursue over the next few years. On that list we wrote:

  1. Buy a house in San Francisco
  2. Move to London for a year
  3. Start a company
  4. Quit our jobs and travel around the world
  5. Move to a new city in the US

In July of 2015, we decided to seriously start pursuing number 4. While we love life in San Francisco, we yearned for adventure and freedom. We wanted to take a step back from our busy days, to slow down and simplify, to experience the world around us, and to get to know ourselves along the way.

So the planning began. Throughout the next six months we took turns talking each other in and out of it. When one of us decided it was a terrible idea and tried to back out, the other talked the doubtful one off the ledge. We tried to think of reasons not to do it – we discussed why it wasn’t the right time, or a wise financial decision, or a good career move. We talked about how we didn’t want to leave our families, our friends, our city. But at the end of the day, while we knew the decision would require many sacrifices, we also knew the adventure, the freedom, and the places we would explore would change our lives forever, and far outweigh any of the justifications against it. By December we had decided we were all in, and we told our families and close friends.

On January 25, we bought our first flight – a one-way ticket to Norway – and booked a safari in South Africa.

In February, I told my school about our plans to travel.

In March, we booked a riad in Morocco and started researching scuba certification programs.

In April, Jeff told his company he’d be leaving.

In May, we started getting vaccinations and bought backpacks.

And then we made a list of everything else we needed to do. That list is 94 things long. We’re slowly making our way through – buying travel insurance, figuring out cell phone plans, applying for travel visas, booking a storage unit, planning our good-byes…

On June 30, we leave San Francisco, a city we have come to love and call home, for the experience of a lifetime – a trip around the world. We are incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to do this, and we are thankful for it every day.


8 thoughts on “We’re Taking a Trip Around the World

  1. Sounds like an amazing plan! Enjoy everyday! I look forward to seeing all your photos and hearing about your journey .
    Possibly, we shall run into one another somewhere, someday.
    My husband and I will be leaving next week to visit his family in Italy.. And that’s just the beginning of our wonderful journey.


  2. OMG! That is fantastic. I’ve done several Around the World trips as a Flight Attendant. You will not regret this decision. Can’t wait to live vicariously through you. Post way.

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  3. Don’t get sun poisoning or bitten by a monkey or whiplash in a dune buggy! Ha, enjoy each day! You will meet life long friends along the way! It is such a fun thing to do-
    Memories for the rest of your lives…so happy for you!

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  4. I Love hearing about all the fascinating things my former students are doing. How great to see the world! I wish you many wonderful adventures, safe travels , and happy memories!


  5. Thank you for beginning your adventure with us on Drummond Island! We pray the people you meet will be as blessed as we are to know you. For the rest of your life all the great and beautiful moments of this trip will make you smile. But it will be all the “trying” moments that will make you laugh. Enjoy and treasure them all. Hugs!

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