Farewell, San Francisco

We both finished our last day of work on Friday, and we spent the afternoon saying goodbye to co-workers who have become dear friends and students and parents who have become like family. It was so surreal that the day had come.

We spent the weekend cleaning, packing, and tackling last minute errands, but we made time in between our to-do’s to take a final stroll around our neighborhood and pop into our favorite spots. The market across the street from our first apartment where we’d pick up bagels and coffee on Sunday mornings. The Italian restaurant where we had our first San Francisco meal. The burger joint where we had a beer after buying (and building) our first piece of furniture. Our favorite shops for ice cream cones (too hard to choose just one). The taco spot where we drank too many margaritas. The park where we sat in the sun (sometimes fog) planning out our adventure around the world…and the list goes on. Places and people we pass every day that have become so familiar and comforting, yet we never stop to think about.
We also had a final celebration with our friends in one of our favorite parks with the San Francisco Bay in the background. When we moved here we knew one person, and we have met so many fun, smart, kind people who will be lifelong friends. We will miss them, but we know we will be back again.
Farewell, San Francisco. We love you!

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