36 Hours in Stockholm

DSC_0741IMG_6711DSC_0747IMG_6714IMG_6717IMG_6766IMG_6727IMG_6729IMG_6731IMG_6736We arrived in Sweden on July 1st after some travel hiccups, including mechanical issues, flight delays, and missed connections, which resulted in two extra flights and caused us to miss a day in Stockholm. When we called our parents from the airport to update them on our travels, my mom reminded us that this was just the beginning of a year requiring much flexibility and patience.

Despite our late arrival, we were thrilled to join family in this beautiful city to begin two weeks of travel in Scandinavia on our cruise through the Baltic Sea.

Some highlights from our visit to Stockholm:

  • Walking through Gamla Stan (the old town) sipping coffee and tasting pastries decorated with Swedish flags.
  • Visiting the Vasa Museum to learn about the history of this sunken treasure. We visited the museum with Jeff’s dad, who had seen the ship with his father in 1966.
  • Eating dinner in town – Swedish meatballs and local beers. Yum!
  • Taking the long way through the park to Skansen, an outdoor museum.
  • Meeting up with a family from school and taking a walk along the river together.

We hope to be back again someday for a longer visit!


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