An Afternoon in Market Square – Helsinki, Finland


Helsinki was exactly what I imagined Scandinavia to be. Clean, quiet, and a fascinating mixture of modern design and old world charm. We walked along the water, watching brightly colored kite surfers in the sea, their fluorescent pink boards dipping into the freezing water. Along the way, modern buildings dotted the street – bars, apartments, hotels, businesses of smooth steel, sharp glass, and soft wood. I wish I had more pictures of these brilliant and inspiring designs.

As we walked along further through the Design District and into the Old Town, a more classic European city appeared. Cobblestone streets, pale colorful buildings, arched doorways, flower boxes with Finnish flags. We reached the City Centre and explored Market Square, a large open air market filled with farmers selling produce and artisans showcasing their goods. Above are pictures from our stroll through the market.
Between the six of us, we picked up vintage postcards, wooden coasters, and a wool poncho with fur. We also tasted Finnish berries and tried reindeer meatballs (?!), a specialty of Scandinavia.
A good day.

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