A Week in Watervale, Michigan


We didn’t venture too far from Drummond Island when we drove down to Watervale — a small neighborhood of cottages situated between Lake Michigan and Lower Herring Lake — where my family and I have spent time each summer for the past 30 years. Like Drummond, Watervale is a special place full of lake-time memories like waterskiing and tubing, hiking to “Baldy” and running down the giant sand dune, and sipping gin and tonics with family before dinner.

Watervale is a place where you can empty your pockets, forget the day of the week, and fall into a complete, relaxing daze. There are a few routine traditions that keep you on track — like dinner in the Inn at 7:15, drinking root beer floats at A&W one afternoon, and bingo night on Thursdays. Otherwise, it’s seemingly endless time to fill. Some of the highlights this year: running around Upper Herring Lake, hiking to Baldy, swimming across the lake and back, smacking a few tennis balls with mom, sending postcards to Catherine’s students, snacking on smoked trout, paddle boarding to the outlet, watching a thunderstorm roll over the lake, and, importantly, winning bingo.

We were lucky to spend the week with my mom, stepdad (Jeff), sister (Catie), and brother-in-law (Matt). The majority of each day we spent reading and relaxing in the sun by the lake, sharing ideas about our upcoming travels, hearing about Catie’s summer break from teaching and Matt’s boating adventures, listening to Jeff’s new guitar songs, and learning more about my mom’s upcoming retirement (!!!). I even had the chance to teach my mom Snapchat so she can keep up with our snaps along the way (of course, she already knows how to use Twitter).

We’re so thankful and fortunate to have spent our first few weeks of our trip seeing our families. Friday was sad to say goodbye, but so exciting to board a flight back to San Francisco for a wedding before taking off for Norway on Monday!


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