Where We’re Going


(Photo taken at The Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco before leaving the country in July.)

When we initially thought about taking time off to travel for awhile, the first thing we did was make a list of places we wanted to go. While this was an incredibly fun exercise, we ended up with way more destinations than we had time to spend, so we quickly realized that we needed to decide what our priorities were.

Naturally, we chose to visit the places that were on the top of both of our lists. We wanted to go to places that neither of us have been before and that might be difficult to visit later in life. Also, we are traveling on a relatively small budget so this has limited our travel to certain countries and made others all the more appealing. We want to see as much of each area we’re visiting as we can, so we are trying to limit air travel to only between continents  and to travel by bus, train, car, or boat within each area. We are aiming to visit a mixture of cities as well as small towns, as we feel that this will help us get to know the land. And as we previously mentioned, we hoped to spend the first month of our travels seeing family, so this helped frame our itinerary as well.

At the end of June we left San Francisco for Sweden, where we embarked on a cruise through the Baltic Sea with stops in Estonia, Russia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Germany. We then came back to the US to visit family in Michigan, and we went back to San Francisco for the wedding of dear friends.

Next, we came to Norway, where we will spend the next three weeks. Afterward, we will head south to Morocco and South Africa, and then we’ll spend a month in Australia. We will then go to Southeast Asia for two months to explore many countries. New Zealand will be our next stop, and after that we’ll go to South America for a bit. At the end, we will return to the US to see family.

Although we have an itinerary set out we are certain that there will be bumps along the way and that we might end up skipping some of the stops we had planned and landing in places we never imagined going.

Thanks for following along!


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