A Hike to Mount Fløyen Overlooking Bergen


On our second day in Bergen we woke up and immediately noticed that, for the first time since we had arrived, we didn’t hear rain falling on the roof of our apartment. We pulled ourselves out of bed (despite some lingering jet lag) and popped outside to explore.

Norway was one of the places Jeff wanted to visit most because he had seen pictures of and heard friends tell about all the amazing things you can do outdoors – particularly hiking through the mountains near the fjords. So we were excited to set out on our first hike up to Mount Fløyen in Bergen.

There is an option to take a cable car up the mountain, but we opted to save the ticket fee and time standing in line and walked up instead. And we were very glad we did. On our way up we climbed what seemed like 100 sets of stairs through a charming residential area. Colorful homes with flower boxes, post boxes, and picket fences lined the streets, which were lovely distractions from the endless stairs ahead.

Once we passed the neighborhood and started on the hiking trail, it began raining, and continued off and on as we made our way to the viewpoint at the top. Luckily the city of Bergen is beautiful in foggy, misty weather (much like San Francisco)!



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