24 Hours in Bangkok

We met our friends Kyle and Johnny in Bangkok and spent a quick twenty-four hours there. During our stop there we walked around the busy city, took in many sights, and tried plenty of Thai food. Below are some highlights of our short rendezvous in this big city.

  • Long boat ride on the river – With only one day to sight see, we knew we wanted to visit a few sights that were up the river. We hopped on a long boat taxi that took us about twenty minutes to the area where we could visit temples and the Grand Palace. The boat was old and colorful and incredibly quaint, and we enjoyed seeing the bustling city from the water.
  • Wat Pho – Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple complex that is comprised of many beautiful temples that are adorned in gold and intricate colorful tile work. One of the most famous is the temple of the Reclining Buddha, a 150 foot long statue. This was obviously very grand and unique to see.
  • Grand Palace – From the moment we landed in Thailand we learned that the King is revered very highly by the Thai people. We visited the Grand Palace, a complex of buildings that are used to house the royal family and for official events, and saw this reverence for the Thai royalty. Two days after we left Thailand we heard that the King had died and the country entered an official thirty day mourning period.
  • Lunch at a Mall Foodcourt – Apparently the malls in Bangkok are popular places, and not just for shopping. We went to one of the huge malls to pick up sleeping bag liners (which we were grateful to have at our hostels in Chiang Mai!) and we found ourselves getting lost in the mazes of stores, restaurants, and activities (an ice skating rink?!) inside. We meandered past the restaurants into the food court which had many stalls serving authentic Thai food, and it was all delicious.
  • Dinner at Tealicious – This delightful Thai restaurant is owned by a Thai/British family who are very kind and friendly. We enjoyed spring rolls and two types of curry – yum! The restaurant is small, so it was helpful to have a reservation.
  • Drinks at Sky Bar? – Our hotel was right across the street from this famous bar, so we thought we’d check it out. That is, until we walked in and saw the menu. $30 for a cocktail? No thanks. We walked right back out, but not before taking in the breathtaking view of the city and eating a few handfuls of free peanuts. 😉
After our day in Bangkok, we headed to the train station to board an overnight train to Chiang Mai. In the train station we had a very odd encounter – a woman tackled Jeff in an effort to kiss him (yikes!!!) and then sat a few feet away from us staring at him for about thirty minutes. Luckily we got on the train without her following and settled in to our fourteen hour ride. It was actually a quite enjoyable trip! We shared a four person berth with our friends and passed the time by playing monopoly. We all slept much better than we expected and arrived in Chiang Mai ready for more adventures!

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