Relaxing and Exploring in Hoi An, Vietnam






We took a sixteen hour overnight train from Hanoi to Hoi An, a coastal town in central Vietnam. Hoi An proved to be a calm and pretty area rich in culture and brimming with flavor. We enjoyed four days to relax and recharge while exploring all the area had to offer.

Thanks to TripAdvisor and, we found a wonderful new hotel in Hoi An called Sincerity, which had some of the kindest, most enthusiastic staff we’ve encountered thus far. It also had very comfortable beds and pillows, a lovely pool, and delicious breakfast with a plethora of options ranging from banana pancakes to lasagna to dim sum. We took full advantage of all of these perks and spent much of our time relaxing (and eating!) at the hotel. 

When we weren’t soaking up our time at Sincerity, we went out to explore the town of Hoi An. Here are a few of our favorite moments…



Taking a boat ride along the river after the sun went down. We watched the town light up on either side of the river as restaurants and shops lit strings of lanterns and people on the banks dropped set candles afloat in the water. 


Visiting the beach with soft, bright white sand for miles and mountains in the distance. We read on lounge chairs, talked to people who walked by to sell their goods, and dipped into the ocean to cool off from the heat. 


Shopping for souvenirs in the town and picking up a few gifts for friends and family back home. Some lovely hand made jewelry, leather goods, and a painting from the sweetest man’s art gallery.



Tasting a few more delicious bahn mi sandwiches, one of which was from a woman’s stand on the street. She is known as the “Bahn Mi Queen” and based on the taste of her sandwiches, we think she has certainly earned the title. 

And having dinner at an authentic Vietnamese spot on our last night in the country. We were directed to a table in an alley right outside the restaurant and before we could sit down a woman had placed plates of food in front of us and was demonstrating how to fill a large piece of rice paper with sautéed pork, vegetables, noodles, and peanut sauce. She regularly stopped by our table to feed us extra meat when she thought we needed more. 


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