Vietnam by the Numbers

Total Number of…
Days in Vietnam: 10
Nights in Vietnam: 9
Miles traveled: 1,210 (481 flying + 497 train + 201 bus + 31 walking, running, and hiking)
Modes of transportation: 7 (feet, plane, bus, bicycle, tuk-tuk, train, rowboat)
Airports we visited: 2
Abodes we stayed in: 5
Cities we stayed in: 3
Cheapest beer we bought: $0.20 USD … Freshly brewed that morning!
Hours we traveled on the overnight train from Hanoi to Hoi An: 16
Cubs games we watched: 6
Loads of laundry we did: 1
Souvenirs we bought: 1
Average nightly rent: $35.75 (and everywhere included free wifi, free breakfast, and free airport transfers. lucky us!)


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