10 Things We’re Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve spent a great deal of time reflecting throughout the past five months, and one thing that constantly arises in our conversations is gratitude. Here’s a list of ten things we’re thankful for this year.

  1. Our family; their support of our crazy decision to leave home to pursue this journey and the unconditional love they’ve shown us now and always.
  2. Our friends back home; the special times we had with them this year and the virtual moments we continue to have while abroad.
  3. Our good health and the safety we are fortunate to experience at home and while traveling (something we know that many do not have).
  4. The many privileges we have (which we try not to take for granted), including the ability and opportunity to travel around the world.
  5. The beautiful, generous, and inspiring people we have met while traveling, who have welcomed us into their countries and homes and taught us about their cultures. 
  6. Differences. Because we know that differences – in the way people look and speak and love, in the religions they practice, in the cultures they come from – make our world strong and beautiful and we are lucky to encounter and learn from them. 
  7. The jobs we had and the hard-working, creative people we worked alongside this past year.
  8. Education, in the many forms it takes. 
  9. Things we grew accustomed to at home that we see less often – including, but not limited to: washing machines, clean showers and toilets, clothes that smell like laundry detergent, potable tap water, air conditioning, cheeseburgers, and margaritas.
  10. Technology – a double edged sword, for sure – but that enables us keep in touch with loved ones (FaceTime, iMessage, Skype, Gmail) and that helps us plan and document our travels (Google Maps and Maps.Me, AirBnB, Hotels.com, TripAdvisor, online banking, GoPro, and plain ole iPhones and WiFi). Oh, and of course, Twitter!

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