Myanmar by the Numbers

Total Number of…

Days in Myanmar: 14

Nights in Myanmar: 13

Miles traveled: 1,494 (906 flying + 212 on the bus + 308 on the river boat + 68 walking, running, and hiking)

Modes of transportation: 7 (feet, plane, bus, tuk-tuk, trishaw (sidecar of a bicycle), river boat, row boat, horse & buggy)

Airports we visited: 2

Abodes we stayed in: 3

Cities we stayed in: 10

Buddhist Pagodas we visited: 16

Karaoke nights we took part in: 2

Tea leaf salads we ate: 8

Loads of laundry we did: 4

Souvenirs we bought: 2

Fun fact: we spent 10 nights in a row in the same bed on the river cruise. That’s the longest we’ve stayed in the same bed since our San Francisco apartment in June!


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