New Zealand by the Numbers

Total Number of…

Days in New Zealand: 30

Nights in New Zealand: 30

Miles traveled: 8,600 (6,369 flying + 64 on a ferry + 2,029 campervanning + 138 walking, running, and hiking)

Modes of transportation: 7 (feet, plane, car, campervan, car ferry, cruise boat, bicycle)

Airports we visited: 2

Abodes we stayed in: 6

Cities (or towns (or villages (or grassy areas))) we stayed in: 20

Sandflies we swatted in our van: 3,481

Meals we ate that we didn’t make ourselves: 8 (including breakfast, lunch, and dinner)

Christmas movies we watched: 5

Hikes we took: 17

Loads of laundry we did: 5

Souvenirs we bought: 2

Average nightly rent: $85.33 (but it included a car!)


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