Buenos Aires: Color, Culture & Carne in Argentina’s Capital

On the top of our list of places to visit in South America was Argentina, so when we booked a flight into Buenos Aires we reached out to anyone who might have recommendations. We received helpful tips from Jeff’s cousin and a friend of mine from California, both of whom lived in the country’s capital for a period of time. And after visiting this vibrant city we certainly understand why it’s an easy city to fall in love with!

We arrived in Buenos Aires on December 30 after 48 hours of travel, exhausted and a bit delirious (we’d just landed in our third continent in a week). We spent nearly the entirety of our first two days sleeping, which turned out to be quite okay since we learned that almost everything is closed on New Years Eve and Day. Once we overcame our jet lag (and the city started to come alive again after time off for the holidays) our eyes were opened to the beauty and excitement all around us…




Buenos Aires is full of life! The people are confident and friendly and always smiling. Men and women of all ages don the sidewalks, often shouting to neighbors across the street. And no one is ever in a hurry. 

The architecture is diverse – tall modern apartment buildings share walls with Parisian-inspired cafes. And the streets explode with color – monochromatic pastels layer two story homes and geometric murals cover the facades of shops.

Fruit spills out of markets onto the sidewalks providing yet another splash of color (and a pretty darling photo op). Family run parillas are abundant all around the city offering rich Argentinian carne (meats) that have been grilled to perfection (and they’re accompanied by the smoky smell to prove it!)



I finally got to put my Spanish major to use as we toured the city. We visited the Plaza de Mayo, where we admired the architecture, popped into book shops, and grabbed coffee to go. 


…strolled through the colorful La Boca neighborhood, where street vendors sold juice and musicians played lively songs.


…and paid a visit to the regal Recoleta Cemetery where Eva Peron is buried.


We also went to a Tango show where we took in a performance of the traditional Argentinian dance that included singing and dancing and told stories of the city’s history.


But our favorite moments were simply wandering the streets of the Palermo neighborhood (where we stayed in the sweetest guesthouse). We ate many delicious meals here, including a steak dinner at Don Julio, pizza at La Hormiga, several lunches at Fifi Almacen, and a delightful brunch at Oui Oui. And window shopped at the plethora of hip and modern apparel and home design stores. We hope to be back again for more some day! 


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