Argentina by the Numbers

Total Number of…

Days in Argentina: 18

Nights in Argentina: 17

Miles traveled: 12,298 (11,875(!!!) flying + 326 driving + 97 walking, running, and hiking)

Modes of transportation: 5 (feet, plane, car, bus, boat)

Airports we visited: 4

Abodes we stayed in: 6

Cities we stayed in: 4

Speed of our taxi driver in El Calafate: 150 km/h in a 60 km/h zone

Argentinian steaks consumed: 5

Total hikes in Patagonia: 5

Longest hike in Patagonia: 14.7 miles

Loads of laundry we did: 5

Souvenirs we purchased: 2

Average nightly rent: $59.33


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