A Week on the Beach in Pichilemu, Chile



Eight hours before we were set to fly from Buenos Aires into Bolivia we made the decision to change course. With only one night left to stay at our guesthouse in Buenos Aires, we quickly needed to decide where we’d go instead. We had always wanted to visit Chile, but with only twelve days to spent we were overwhelmed by the options of where to go. Thanks to a tip from a favorite blog, we chose to head to the central coast where we were assured we’d find warm weather, relaxing beaches, and a nice town.

We flew into Santiago and drove straight to Pichilemu, a coastal town known specifically for having the best surf break in Chile. We stayed in an Airbnb on a quiet, dirt road just ten minutes outside of the main town. The neighborhood was perfectly imperfect – one dirt road with super modern, monochromatic wooden homes on each side leading to the beach. And our loft was seriously dreamy – wooden interiors and floor to ceiling windows looking out toward the ocean. Needless to say, we were thrilled to have ended up in such a lovely spot and were happy to spend a week relaxing on the beach (and in our abode). 


We spent most of our time doing just that – laying on the beach, reading on the couch, cooking fajitas, drinking Chilean wine on the deck, sleeping in late and soaking up some of our last days of freedom. 



One afternoon we ventured out into the nearby area to explore the town of Cahuil and its salt flats, where salt-makers have worked for centuries to extract salt from nearby waters. We picked up a jar of salt to take home with us…


and on the way home we visited a small market where potters were selling their goods and we bought a few bowls and a platter to take home to my sister and a friend.



Otherwise, we spent the week meandering around the town. We stopped at various fruit and vegetable stands for fresh produce. We sliced up and devoured juicy peaches and nectarines every afternoon…



walked down the beach and watched the surfers at Punta de Lobos… 



popped into Alaia Hotel for pisco sours and beach views…


and had delicious coffee at the Cardumen Café truck and ate the best eggs benedict we’ve ever had at Maria’s Takeaway.


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