Colchagua Valley, Chile

With only three days left abroad, and knowing that we’d have a whirlwind travel schedule during our first few weeks back in the US, we were eager to have some time to relax and reflect on our incredible journey. We headed to the Colchagua Valley of Chile, a remote and beautiful wine region only a few hours southeast of Santiago. 

A few days before we arrived, the area began to experience the worst forest fires they had ever seen. This tragedy greatly affected the vegetation, wildlife, and people of the area. It also prohibited many visitors from traveling to the area. As a result, we were one of the few guests at our hotel and we had many solo dining experiences at nearby restaurants. 


Instead of venturing out to wineries (many of which were closed) or the nearby town, we happily stayed at our hotel and laid by the pool. We had plenty of time to think back on our favorite moments from our travels and prepare for our reentrance into the US. 

We did also find time to stroll through the town of Santa Cruz, where we walked around the park and had lunch in the square (and picked up a parking ticket!)…


drive through the area, stopping for pictures of the valley and looks at the works of local artisans…


and eat a few final South American meals. 


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